Doris Jauk - Hinz.
1995/2019 (AT), hot apple, 1995
Dimensions: 1,70 m x 2,70 m
Object, 380 Volt
Permanent installation
hot apple, 2019
Instalative Installation documentation, in three parts
1 Object, 230 Volt
Hot apple focuses on the sensory aspects of the quality of the work. The object is formed of round heating rods that are made to glow by a high-voltage power supply. With this unmediated hot perception, hot apple refers to the difference to a coded mediatized cold representation on the Internet. The apple is chosen as a culturally related symbol. The heating power of the rods corresponds to a monotonous sound of 12700 Hertz, carried by the 60 Hertz of the mains voltage. Sound: Werner Jauk. Is culture to nature than is genital to digital?                                                                                   Or: The Law of the binary code.                                                                                   Statement: Marie-Luise Angerer The installation hot apple was created in 1995 as part of the project series “Special exhibitions by contemporary artists & theorists & events & actions” at the DOKU Graz women’s documentation center.                                                                                          Because of the high temperature of the heating rods, the apple needs some kind of shielding to protect the audience. The object hot apple is a permanent loan of Energy Graz at the Institute of High Voltage Engineering and System Performance, Graz University of Technology, since 2007.
Photo: Wolfgang Croce, Doris Jauk-Hinz