In the premises of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Belgrade, within a small festive ceremony, as a conclusion of the first open call for artists via website, awards were handed to the winners of this art contest.

Supported by Austrian Cultural Forum since its foundation in 2021 as a web site that connects Serbian and Austrian art scenes, through wider framework of research in fields of art and science, is also remembrance of the personality and work of mathematician and artist Marica Radojčić (1943-2018).

First open call in 2022, under title “The end of language – Wittgenstein reimagined” inspired by work of great Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein and his anniversary gave possibility to map variety of artist responses into contemporary but also philosophical reflections of perception of language in our time.

Curatorial duo from Austria and Serbia, Alexandra Lazar and Daniela Wageneder Stelzhamer created ambitious and noteworthy selection out of more than 40 submitted art works from both countries.

Upon the award ceremony the Director of Austrian Cultural Forum Dr. Adrien Feix pointed out that the project “The end of language – Wittgenstein reimagined” is dedicated to the Austro-British philosopher who influenced the philosophy of mathematics, language, but also aesthetics and art without parallel to others. Mr. Feix added that open call gave Austrian and Serbian artists a space for a joint performance and exchange of ideas, which has already proven to be very successful with the pandemic project “At second glance” (both of exhibiting events held in virtual space), expressing hope that audience will have chance to see it also in physical exhibition space.

He expressed gratitude to the coordinator of the project and platform Milica Lapčević, curators Daniela Wageneder-Stelzhammer and Aleksandra Lazar and the jury Aloisia Mozer, Doris Jauk Hinz, Nina Mihaljinac and Jelena Glišić, as well as the Faculty of Philosophy, in cooperation with which the artworks were presented virtually in within the philosophical conference dedicated to Wittgenstein.

“Finally, a special thanks goes to Wiener Städtische Insurance, our long-time partner in the field of contemporary art who donated the prizes. We are happy to continue the cooperation, which, I believe, has done a lot for the dialogue between the art scenes of Austria and Serbia.”

Mrs.Milica Lapčević, one of the initiators and coordinator of the web site expressed her gratitude to all partners and participating artists as well as the members of international jury. She also expressed hope that in forthcoming year audiences in both Serbia and Austria will have chance to see the exhibition in gallery space, and announced next open call in 2023.

“We have a great hope that this project in which art works grow in significance in contemporary context, cross fertilizing one another in interesting ways, will continue, due to its sustainability and potential to become one of the open cultural bridges between two countries, discovering future challenges in topics that demand urgency of thoughts. And of art.”

The team of Wiener Städtische Company Serbia represented by mrs. Ivana Đurišić with generous and constant support to art and culture, gave once again important contribution to this project, confirming their determination in creating new cultural values and production support for fine arts.

First prize winner Vanja Novaković from Novi Sad with art work entitled “Scroll it” (application), expressed her thanks to Jury and curators. Wittgenstein’s critical perspective on communication together with her education dept. of New Media Art on Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad, gave rise to this application which openly provokes one of the biggest addictions of almost every individual in the digital world of our time.

On this occasion awards were personally handed also to Miljana Niković for the video “Two simple letters” in which she examines speech and the possibilities of vocal and visual transformations  of poetry and language, Lana Vasiljević  for the series “Ltd. (pictograms of our time)” and Boris Burić for “Two words”. While the series “Ltd” draws attention to the new language of corporate reality, which is an indispensable part of our perception, “Two words” by Boris Burić evokes some of Wittgenstein’s proposals on the reduced expression through language.

The guests were greeted via video message by the winner in category the recognition for artistic excellence Isabella Kohlhuber from Vienna for her work the “Aus dem Gesetz / From the Law” scroll of the text of the Austrian copyright law as a dense sculptural net, reexamining the subject of originality. 

“I am very glad that my artwork was part of Lichtfelder open call , and find its place along the line of amazing artworks dedicated to LW I am more than happy because of the award. I would like to thank to all of you your efforts are more than appreciated. Congratulations to all artists.”