Vanja Novaković.

Vanja Novaković (1992) is a new media artist who researches the creation of a contemporary identity under the influence of technology evolution and consumerism, as well as human-computer interaction.

The artist is rethinking how media shape culture, identity, body, and man itself as a consumer by combining analog and digital media in her art practice.

She had seven solo exhibitions and exhibited in many group exhibitions around Europe and USA. Member of the

Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina, Serbia.

First prize
Scroll it

web application / 2020.

Web Application is based on modern language and way of communication. Through tasks and conversation, the user is instructed to think about the daily use of digital tools and their side effects.

Scroll it application suggests the bad habits of contemporary digital society, pointing out in an ironic way the automated and unconscious action of moving a finger, browsing internet pages most often on a mobile phone, in a modern language called scrolling. Time spent in the digital world of the Internet and social networks affects a person’s physical and mental life, changing his perception and attitude towards reality, while at the same time losing his personal identity.

A meditative place created within the gallery space, with an electronic device from which the application can be accessed, allows the user to communicate with the space itself, the environment, and other people around.

Scroll it also offers visitors certain tasks, as well as a scoring system: the more you scroll, the higher result you get. After a certain number of points, you get a bonus, one piece of information created by a random fact generator. In this way, this application represents a kind of prototype of a digital tool that makes the time spent on devices more creative.

Scroll it reflects contemporary speech and contemporary everyday situations that have arisen through the use of certain new media tools. Language is the main medium that creates space for introspection

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