Sonja Meller.

Sonja Meller was born in Salzburg in 1971, studied fine arts at the University of Art and Design Linz and new genres at the San Francisco Art Institute. She has realized numerous projects in Germany and abroad, including installations, site-specific interventions, art in public space and works with a focus on sound art.

Selection of exhibitions (since 2018):
2022 “Facetten 2021”, artistic design of the literary yearbook of the city of Linz
2022 “Honighimmel”, installation, Karlskirche Kassel as part of documenta 15
2022 “Art.Tombola”, group exhibition & charity tombola, splace, Linz
2022 “Our Studio”, group exhibition, spaceship, Linz
2021 “A revue, 170 years – 170 works of art”, Upper Austrian Art Association
2021 “Facetten 2021”, artistic design of the literary yearbook of the city of Linz
2021 “Like in paradise”, Höhenrausch, Upper Austria Cultural Quarter
2021 “It’s March again”, group exhibition, Kunsthalle Linz
2020 “Es is MAERZ”, group exhibition, MAERZ artists’ association, Linz
2020 “Common Ground”, group exhibition, Salzburg Art Association
2020 “Summer Exhibition 2020”, group exhibition, Schlossmuseum Linz
2020 “zu Egon Hofmann”, group exhibition, MAERZ artists’ association, Linz
2019 “10th anniversary flat1”, group exhibition, flat1, Vienna
2019 “Garden of Eden”, group exhibition, Neuhaus Castle
2019 “Honey Heaven”, Installation, Collegiate Church Salzburg
2019 “Im Kraut”, group exhibition in the Botanical Garden Linz
2019 “Paradise for Everyone”, Intervention, Isfahan, Iran

Grants and awards:
2020 Artheon Art Prize – Recognition, Society for Contemporary Art and Church, Frankfurt am Main
2019 project funding, International Salzburg Association
2017 LinzEXPORT, City of Linz
2015 Studio grant, Egon Hofmann Haus, Kulturring der Wirtschaft OÖ
2011 Art Prize of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce
2008 Emanuel and Sofie Fohn grant, Vienna
2007 scholarship from the cultural fund of the provincial capital of Salzburg
2007 Master of Fine Arts Fellowship, San Francisco Art Institute
2004 Margret Bilger Scholarship, State of Upper Austria
2002 Associated Students Scholarship, San Francisco State University
2001 Talent Promotion Award, State of Upper Austria
2001 Diocesan Art Prize – Recognition, Diocesan Art Association Linz
2001 Appreciation Award, Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture
2001 Postgraduate scholarship, Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture
2001 Emanuel and Sofie Fohn grant, Vienna
2000 nomination for the Fulbright grant, Vienna
2000 grant from the Sussmann Foundation, Vienna
1999 scholarship abroad to prepare for a diploma, Art University Linz

Wittgenstein Krone

Brass wire, diameter 12cm / 2021

This work has been inspired by famous quote of Ludwig Wittgenstein/

“Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man schweigen.”It was written in brass wire and arranged in circles spiral wise.While the content is present the meaning has been condensed and can only be sensed.