Dea Džanković.

Dea Džanković obtained an MA in Visual arts at Sabanci University in Istanbul (2016), and has since developed her artistic practice in Berlin and later Belgrade in various media such as installation, photography, performance, video and poetry writing. She is currently in the process of obtaining a second MA in New Media at the faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Her works have been exhibited in solo and group shows, most notably at Black box exhibition at the Mixer festival in Belgrade (2020 and 2021), The Youth Biennial (2021) in Belgrade, Art Weekend (2021) in Belgrade, new members of ULUS exhibition at the Cvijeta Zuzorić art pavilion, inFLUEenca exhibition at the gallery Podroom (2022). When it comes to solo shows, her most notable works are performance pieces, such as Short Treatise on Brutality (2021) at DC Krov, Theorem (2022) at Dom Omladine, and Burn/Out (2022) performed across several public locations in Belgrade. She has been member of ULUS (Artists’ Association of Serbia), new media section, as of 2022.

2022 / A video installation is a video installation that tackles the issue of how much technology and digital writing programs affect how we communicate. As an artist who spent the last few years working for the corporate sector to make a living, I couldn’t help but notice how much communication via email or different types of company communication software has made actual human communication improbable and repressed. There is a specific tone of communication that is desirable within the corporate world, and the digital writing assistants are there to enforce it, meaning that any display of emotion or open communication is gradually getting erased, as well as the meaning behind it.  My work is a deconstruction of a particular online ad I saw by ( ), where I took and tweaked its script and visuals and actually created an ad for my own digital writing assistant. The aim of this is to openly portray the role this kind of technology has on human communication and language by creating a juxtaposition between a lively and upbeat performance that follows the ad than inspired this work, and the text in the video that openly pinpoints how these programs erase the meaning we are trying to communicate through written communication.