Ana Maria Lima Dimitrijević.

Ana Maria Lima Dimitrijević (b. 1992, London) is of Serbian/Brazilian descent and currently lives and works in London. She graduated with a BA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts (2011-2014) including an Erasmus exchange at Iceland Academy of the Arts (2013) and has since exhibited in Denmark, Finland and the UK.

She is a resident artist at ASC Art House studio community in Croydon, South London.

Colour Music

Digital stop motion film 01:06 loop ( digital sound recording of a piano composition by the artist) 2019

Colour Music

Interactive installation of a hand made paper flip book of digital prints on paper accompanying a digital sound recording of the same piano composition via wireless headphones. Dimensions: (h) 9 x (w) 7 cm, length variable. 2019

This project is an exercise on concentration and consciousness. Based on an image of a curtain which has been the trigger of a continuous project exploring more sensitive ways of viewing moving images.

I enjoy observing the chaotic networks in our current society and how it affects people and their sense of orientation and identity.

Training ourselves to listen out for certain subtle tones amongst all is important to keep the rhythm alive, be it fast or slow. We need to learn to take control and work with time.

Time is the root of the organization of society. By doing this we can pay attention to smaller details, things that actually really matter in order to persevere and nurture one’s own energy to be able to approach life and appreciate it in one’s own individual way.

As soon as we experience something, perhaps new or surprising to us, it is as though the experience is eager to be announced, as a result of the excitement of learning. The spirit of the experience lingers as a memory. The immediacy of the digital age can scare us into cataloging as much detail as possible about our lives, as soon as we can, in the fear of forgetting where we are and who we are as time goes by, photography and film being one of the most immediate ways.

I am drawn to explorations on synaesthesia, a condition that challenges our senses to work together, such as hearing triggering sight to heighten our individual experience of looking.

It is my aim in my work, as a storyteller, to create enchanting signals in a sea of noise.