Irena Simić.

Born 1995. in Belgrade, Serbia

2021 – Bachelor degree, Faculty of fine arts (University of Belgrade), Sculpture department

Current – Master studies, Faculty of fine arts (University of Belgrade), Sculpture department

In the blink of an eye / U treptaju oka


The work consists of two compositions. Each consists of a neon sign fixed on a transparent acrylic on one side and a mirror on the other. The two compositions are placed next to each other. The mirror creates an inverted image of the word, and at the same time it reflects the true image of the word from the other composition.

The work “In the blink of an eye” is a personally experienced event that is described through the color of neon tubes and the meaning of the words

that those tubes represent. “OVERLOOK” and “OVERSEE” – shining signs, thus gaining personal context and specific meaning. Mirrors placed opposite a neon sign create the illusion of a false image or otherwise perceived experience, create doubt about the truth of the initial statement, and the dilemma of what is actually true and what is an illusion. In this way the neon and the mirror become the communication and the conflicting parties in a specific event. To make the situation more complex and closer to the truth, another reflection appears in every mirror. Behind the distorted image in the mirror, undistorted words can be seen as confirmation of my truth. Without telling what these words mean to me, from the point of view of the observer, they represent a game of different elements. Is the observation focused on the word itself and its universal meaning, its color or its reflection in the mirror?