Doris Theres Hofer.

Doris Theres Hofer
was born 1979 in Linz, lives and works in Vienna, Austria 2011-2016 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
2000-2004 Wiener Kunstschule, Vienna

Solo Exhibitions:
2018 All Ways Going Nowhere (MUSA, Vienna)
2015 It’s Empty Here. I Have an Exhibition. (Matjö, Cologne)
2014 I Have Nothing to Do and I Am Doing It (STRABAG Kunstforum, Vienna)

Group Exhibitions / selection
2022 Quattro Stazioni (Size Matters, Raum für Kunst & Film, Vienna)
2020 That’s new – and needed! (Brückengalerie und KUNSTSAMMLUNG, Linz)
2019 Poison Ivy (Franz Josefs Kai 3, Vienna)
2017 Faistauer-Preis für Malerei 2017 (Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg)
2017 deceleration (Galerie Bechter Kastowsky, Vienna)
2015 Revers de Trompe (xhibit, Vienna)
2015 Strich und Faden. 12 Zeichnerinnen (STRABAG Kunstforum, Vienna)
2015 Silk Road Love (Kunstsalon Seidenstrasse, Vienna)
2014 when black meets white (Galerie INOPERAbLE, Vienna)
2014 inmitten von Schönheit und Magie (Frappant, Hamburg)
2014 drei Linien (Atelier Suterena, Vienna)
2013 In der Kubatur des Kabinetts (Fluc, Vienna)
2013 BUNT (Apartment Draschan, Vienna)
2012 Talk to me II (Ve.Sch, Vienna)
2012 eg Nord (studio house of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna)
2006 Auf Außenmontage (Austrian Cultural Forum, Cracow)

Awards, Residences
2021 Studio-Grant, Paliano/Italy, county of Upper Austria
2019 Working-Grant, State of Austria
2017 Anton-Faistauer Award for Painting, county of Salzburg
2015 Artist in Residence, Millstättersee/Austria, SoART
2014 Artaward International, STRABAG Kunstforum
2014 Emanuel und Sofie Fohn grant
2013 Anni und Heinrich Sussmann grant
2011 Pfann-Ohmann-Preis, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

o.t. (langes Fädchen, faules Mädchen) / untitled (long thread, lazy girl)

embroidery on polyester voile / 2014

Is there a need to translate the artwork into words?

My artistic work is a reflection on the four terms error, absence, time and chance, which result in different series of pictures, produced in a very tedious, time-consuming way.

I’m fascinated by imperfection and accidental things that hold no meaning.

Intentionally redoing mistakes, perfecting imperfection.

By reproducing the unintentional in a slow, precise technique of embroidery, my artistic practice becomes a boring but playful practice in self-forgetfulness, where the immense wasting of time sometimes completely turns into a disappearing from time, a time without thinking but only doing.