Roswitha Weingrill.

Roswitha Weingrill
*1984 in Graz, Österreich
2003 – 10 University of Applied Arts, Vienna
2002/03 Slavic Languages and Art History, Karl Franzens University Graz

2021 auf!auf! Residency Bad Ischl
2017/18 Kunstraum Steiermark Stipendium
2015/16 Visiting Artist, WASPS Glasgow
2014 StartStipendium Bmukk
2014 Auslandsatelierstipendium Kosice Land Steiermark
2012 Theodor Körner Förderpreis Bildende Kunst
2011 Kunstförderungspreis der Stadt Graz
2011 BMUKK Auslandstipendium Shanghai
2009 Arbeitsstipendium des Landes Steiermark für Bildende Kunst

Curatorial Projects
2019 Funambuli, Kunsthaus Weiz
2017 – 2019 KOMM.ST LAB mit Günther Friesinger
2016 Es gibt den Weg. Richard Kratochwill – Künstler und Kulturarbeiter, Forum Stadtpark Graz
2014 The guestes were props, Lust Gallery Vienna
2014 Oh my truthiness, moe Vienna

Selected Exhibitions from 2014
2022 Les palmiers fatigues, Le cube, Rabat
2020 Dimensions Variable#, Wien
2019 Alphabet des anarchistischen Amateurs, rotor, Graz
2018 SHOW, SL Galerie Graz
2017 of, Electro Gönner Schaufenster, Wien
2017 catch and take hold, Darger HQ, Omaha (USA)
2017 Tribute, Kunstforum Montafon
2016 How to fold a palm tree, steirischer herbst/Kunsthaus, Graz (solo)
2016 The world arranges itself around you, Galerie Zimmer Kratochwill, Graz
2015 and someplace else, acf Bratislava (solo)
2015 subversiv, GrazMuseum
2015 Part of the game, Kunsthalle Graz
2015 Chasing Max Mustermann, Designhalle Graz


5 digital scans / 2022

The project Emobrew aims to help communicating complex emotions in our digital world of abbreviated language by using a traditional Kombucha SCOBY, a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, topromote the brain-gut axis. Talking about our emotions and communicating them to others is crucial to our mental health but sometimes overwhelming. While emojis have been invented to simplify digital communication but their shortness also adds to their potential of misunderstandings.

Emobrew is set up as an open experiment: bits and pieces of commonly misinterpreted emojis are implemented into the SCOBY which is then left floating in a sugary nutrient solution and exposed to oxygen. Given the right temperature and some time the SCOBY breaks down the sugars in the nutrient solution and transforms them into a healthy gut healing brew. During the fermentation process the SCOBY grows and adds another layer of complexity to the depicted emoji which can consequently be used to brew another ferment.