Ye La An .

2013 – 2017 Fine Arts Studies (Studium Bildende Kunst) at the Academy of
Fine Arts Vienna, Professor Dr. Marina Grzinic (Diploma 2017)
2011 – 2014 Art and Communicative Practice and Textile Studies (Studium KKP und TEX) at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna
2009 – 2011 Photography Studies at the Tokyo Zokei University in Japan
Selected exhibitions and artist talks
2022 Group exhibition, Different Worlds 2021, Photon, Vienna, Austria
2021 Group exhibition, Different Worlds 2021, Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2021 Video Preview, thealit: Frauen.Kultur.Labor, Bremen, Deutschland
2021 Cooking Performance, MAI LING Kocht 2: Eating as pleasure and protest, CIVA Festival, Vienna, Austria (Artist Collective MAI LING)
2021 Cooking Performance, kültüř gemma! Festival, Vienna, Austria (Artist Collective MAI LING)
2020 Cooking Performance, MAI LING Kocht: cross-border Asian specialties at the Le Studio and at the Migranting Kitchen, Vienna, Austria (Artist Collective MAI LING)
2020 Artist Talk, Fluctoplasma Festival. 96 Stunden Kunst. Diskurs. Diversität, Hamburgs, Germany (Artist Collective MAI LING)
2020 Wien Woche 2020, Self-Reflection at the Wien station, Vienna, Austria (Artist Collective MAI LING)
2020 Panel, Volksbegehren in Austria, 16Tage gegen Gewalt an Frauen*, Vienna, Austria (Artist Collective MAI LING)
2019 Artist Talk and Discussion, UNCENSORED: WE ARE SICK OF IT, The Blickle Kino Belvedere 21, Vienna, Austria (Artist Collective MAI LING)
2019 Group exhibition, Neither Black / Red / Yellow Nor Woman, Times Art Center Berlin, Berlin, Germany (Artist Collective MAI LING)
2019 Artist Talk and Presentation, Vienna Art Week, Vienna, Austria
2019 Film Screening, FrauenFilmTage, Vienna, Austria
2017 NEU NOW Online Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2016 Film Screening, Running Sushi Festival at KunstRaumGarage, Vienna, Austria
2016 Film Screening, FrauenFilmTage, Vienna, Austria
2016 Akademie AUKTION, Vienna, Austria
2015 Project KUNSTSTÜCKE, youngCaritas actionFabrik, Vienna, Austria
2015 Project SMALL, Kunstraum SUPER, Vienna, Austria

Public collections
2022 Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport (BMKÖS), Austria
2018 Kupferstichkabinett, Vienna, Austria


Pigment print on laid paper, letter embossing, 21 x 30 cm / 2020

The photo series, Sane, (–さんへ) consists of reprinted digital-analog photos on laid paper embossed with the Japanese alphabet letters..

The embossing letters give a message of friendship, a friendship beyond age disparity, nationality, and language. Memory can be recalled even by light stimulus, for instance, a change of season, the scent of a breeze, and the sounds of waves. Even in Vienna, the stimulation exists to indulge in reminiscence of Japan. Photos are to evoke remembrance, at the sametime, the anticipation of the steadfastness in 2009, Tokyo. However, acer ten years, everything changed: friends, villages, homes, and stores. The transition of time gives us sorrow and unfamiliarity. This photo series recalls the memory of the diaspora representing the blind letter.

For many years, I have been working concerning the mass media’s former images of women and how they reflect the current state of gender (in)equality. My interest lies in analyzing the present representation on of Asian women within Asia as they fulfill an external stereotype supported by the occidental gaze. This subjugation situation by two views of oppression forces young Asian women to emigrate to Europe in search of a better life.