Werner Schimpl.
Baskets of Energy (performative Installation), 2012/2013

My exploration of the visible, both exterior and interior, brought me to electric currency, which we experience everyday and use mainly in invisible form.Here, I will use a basket that I have „knitted“ from high voltage cables, that can be bended like a wattle.Electric currency which is usually invisible flows and accumulates in large amounts to be, through Tesla’s coil, pointed towards the basket,where electricity is discharged,and in that moment electric currency becomes detectable.Its discernability  leads me to next levels of use i.e. X-rays.I work with radiograms by creating objects which have some inner life,becoming noticeable through X-rays in different forms.I avoid using human body at all,instead I create a number of systems that enable me to use radiography in different contexts.

Photo: © IHS, TU Graz