Werner Schimpl.

Werner Schimpl (AT), born 1949 in Graz, lives and works in Graz, 1969 study visit in London. Freelance artist since 1981. For three decades Werner Schimpl has been interested in penetration by means of X-rays: “The impulse to see becomes an impulse to look through. Using artistic methods and materials, Schimpl traces problems on the most diverse levels, social power mechanisms, political methods of control, clerical helplessness become visible, economic ways of thinking are shifted into an aesthetic category” (Peter Weibel). Light and media art has been a focus within the last 15 years: 2006 “U-Boot” under Andreas-Hofer-Platz in Graz, 2010/2011 “Sonnenauge” at the Hollenegg/Deutschlandsberg roundabout, 2012/2013 “Baskets of Energy” Kunsthaus Graz/Universalmuseum Joanneum, 2019 Tesla performance “HUMAN-SIZE” on the occasion of the opening CoSA Universalmuseum Joanneum Lesliehof.

2015 Awarded a Maecenas Styria with the Knill Group, for the installation “Baskets of Energy”.