The end of language – Wittgenstein reimagined.


As a part of the long-term dedication to developing international cooperation between artists and researches in the interdisciplinary field between art, philosophy, mathematics and science, fostering networking and communication, the founders of website in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum, announce the


for artists and interdisciplinary researches inspired by ideas of Ludwig Wittgenstein upon one of the following topics:

  1. What comes first: language, speech, cognition
  2. Leaving sense, leaving senses: pictograms of our time
  3. Proposition 2022: the real world?


The year 2021 marked the seventieth anniversary of the death of the Austrian-British philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951). In the context of the international Wittgenstein symposium to be held in June 2022 in Belgrade, we invite artists (individuals or collectives) from Austria and Serbia to take part in the online art competition inspired by the philosopher’s works, and to critically explore Wittgenstein’s ideas on language and communication models of our time through their works.


Wittgenstein’s precise and critical analysis the use of the language and language games, his detailed work on structural and formal questions about expression, articulation, the limits of language and understanding are highly topical, particularly when it comes to the development of social media, AI and new models of connectivity, which carry with them unsolved communication issues.


Rudolf Carnap about Wittgenstein’s methodology:

“His point of view and his attitude toward people and problems, even theoretical problems, were much more similar to those of a creative artist than to those of a scientist; one might almost say, similar to those of a religious prophet or a seer… When finally, sometimes after a prolonged arduous effort, his answers came forth, his statement stood before us like a newly created piece of art or a divine revelation… the impression he made on us was as if insight came to him as through divine inspiration, so that we could not help feeling that any sober rational comment or analysis of it would be a profanation”.


Artists and researchers are invited to submit their works dealing with a number of phenomena in relation to Wittgenstein’s subjects of exploration: understanding and misunderstanding, interpersonal communication, tautologies, pleonasms, contradictions, signs, symbols and representation of words and ideas, real and imagined, memes, pictograms, abbreviations, delimitations of thoughts, oral and written, sense and perception.


Participation is free of charge, there is no application fee. Three projects will be short-listed for the award, after which all selected works will be exhibited on the online platform Founders of the website are eligible for non-competitive participation. The curators of the exhibition are Daniela Wageneder-Stelzhammer (AT) and Alexandra Lazar (SR-UK). Each participant can submit at most two works in all categories.


Opening call: 21st of January 2022
Deadline for proposals: 25th of May 2022
Notifications: 1st of June  2022
Conference Sessions: 8-9th June 2022
Public event screenings: 9th of June 2022


The submission consists of:

  1. Filled application form (obligatory)
  2. A preview of the art work on available platforms, not longer than 5 minutes video, or 5 samples of work in all other media (obligatory) can be sent via email on the address: [email protected]

The application form can be found HERE: LINK

Competition details are available HERE: LINK

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The website was initiated and developed through the artistic cooperation inspired by ideas and work of artist and mathematician Marica Radojčić /1943-2018/ fostering interdisciplinary research in fields of art, philosophy, mathematics and science. 

Dialogue, openness, equity, curiosity and crossing the existing borders in theory and practice of interdisciplinary fields, with emphasis on communication and networking are guidelines for this long travel into the unexplored territories of art, visual imagery and future.

Lighted up by the legacy of Marica Radojčić, it is also a commitment to challenges of our time.



Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade in cooperation with founders of the web site

The competition aims:

The competition is based on the Open Call published by the announcers and has the aim to gather, publish and award the best works from artists and researches from Austria and Serbia that respond to one of three given topics of the Open Call.

Competition conditions:

Artists and researches, both individually and in teams, from Austria and Serbia, without age limits, are eligible to participate, upon completing entry form and submitting it, together with art works in electronic format.

Accepted original formats are in all techniques: drawing, painting, graphics, combined with the possibility of using techniques and experimenting with new unconventional materials, photography, series of photographs, video, film, animation, and documentation of performance, improvisation, poetry performance, data art, mix media and generative electronic experiments. Each author or group may send the most two works in all categories. The filled application form must be submitted via email to [email protected] Electronic submission is obligatory.

Competition period:

Opening call: 21st of January 2022
Deadline for proposals: 25th of May 2022
Notifications: 1st of June  2022
Conference Sessions: 8-9th June 2022
Public event screenings: 9th of June 2022

Results of the competition:

The competition consists of one round with a final evaluation. The works of art will be assessed by an international jury, whose composition will be published on the website. The jury decides to give three awards and three honorable mentions. The jury awards a Special Mention for the most original experimental artistic achievement. The results will be announced no later than 25th of May 2022. Each participating work will be published on the web site

Criteria for selection by the jury panel will be innovation, creativity, impact of presentation and the artistic contribution to the themes of the open call.


The founders of the web site are eligible to participate in noncompetitive way. Submitting their works and entry form they will automatically be published on the section open particularly for this purpose.